The onboarding experience at Counterpoint is a thorough one, lasting between 6-8 weeks. You will be grouped with other new hires who have similar skill sets and start dates to help you bond and grow as a group. We've seen this structure lead to better collaboration and enthusiasm.



We provide you with a series of classes to educate and certify your expertise in various areas. You will see examples, test your understanding and finish ready to rock your new assignments.


Video tutorials will allow you to see our work in real time and better understand how to achieve the desired finished product as you work through client needs.


Don't panic! This is truly designed to help you solidify your knowledge, not to send you into cold sweats. Your mentor will help guide you when you have questions too.


Your one on one mentor is your best resource as you crank through assignments and training. They are there to help, support, and assure your success.

Interview Prep

Getting more interested in joining our team? Be sure to be prepared for your interview before you walk in the door with these helpful tips. We want our process to be as simple and transparent as possible to give you an opportunity to show us all you have to offer.

Master Your Message

Be prepared to talk through your highlights: the most interesting challenging work you’ve done up until now, the kinds of things you want to try next, and the type of work culture that you’d like to be a part of.

Do Your Research

Make sure to check us out before you walk in the door so that you can articulate what it is, about Counterpoint specifically that is driving you to apply.


Don't laugh...we mean it. It is very natural for interviews to feel stressful and sometimes downright scary BUT we hope we can put you at ease before you walk in the door so you can show us your best self.

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From day one, Counterpoint Academy gives you the tools, resources, and guidance you need to succeed and thrive. We understand that new hires have a wide range of skill-sets and experiences. That is why we created Counterpoint Academy.

When you first join the team, you'll spend 6-8 weeks learning from Counterpoint's best and brightest. We've created classes, assignments, and videos to help hone your technical skills, problem-solving and more.

Dynamic tutorials, passionate instructors and a variety of topics make for easy, engaging learning and lots of new skills for you.

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Associate Software Consultant
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Associate Software Consultant
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Associate Software Consultant
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Associate Software Consultant
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Associate Software Consultant
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Associate Software Consultant
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