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At Counterpoint, we successfully execute projects using approaches like scrum, waterfall, rapid and more, but we mostly recommend the agile method.

Employing an agile methodology allows us to respond to the unpredictability of constructing custom software. Using incremental, iterative work sequences, or sprints, we are able to quickly deliver applications in complete functional components that are enhanced and added to with each sprint.  Organizing around the idea of sprints allows us to provide you with working software at fixed time intervals and course-correct more rapidly than with older, more traditional development approaches.

Of course, if using an agile methodology isn’t the best fit for your business, we will work with you to find the approach that will best help you meet your business goals.


Agile involves iterative development in the product cycle including planning, designing, building, testing and reviewing.
The Team
Everyone on the team is involved with delivery - consultants, engineers, designers, product managers, and business analysts.
The Principles

With agile development, working software is delivered frequently - weeks, not months.  Simplicity is building only what is truly essential - no fluff.

Staying On Track
Staying On Track
We use agile tools like burn down charts and Kanban boards to ensure we're delivering on remaining work to be done, the team’s velocity is up to snuff, and that we are executing in a logical flow.  We employ sprint planning , daily standups , sprint reviews, and retrospectives to review, revise, and improve on the development plan. One of the most important components of delivering a successful project is open and frequent communication with you and your stakeholders.
Testing & Reviewing
Throughout the process we will test and review the work completed with you to ensure that everything is working well, fits your end goals and is on track with original expectations. We adjust where needed and proceed, improving the process of delivery with each incremental release.
Launch & Onboarding
Now it's time to launch your new platform and get all parties onboarded appropriately. We help with solution training and maintenance to ensure successful project conclusion.

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Alberta Energy Regulator




"By removing the need to review low-risk applications, AER business staff now focus more of their time on higher-risk applications."

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International Financial Institution

Services Procurement

An e-Procurement application which manages all aspects of the services procurement process: streamlining advertisement of business opportunities, request for proposal submission, evaluation, negotiation, award and purchase order creation.
The application provides a stable, responsive, secure environment, and expose functionality to users through attractive, intuitive, and easy-to-use interfaces. From a usability perspective, the overarching goal is for users to require little to no training to use the system in an advanced manner, and external users to be able to intuitively understand how to use the system with no training.

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Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard, P.C

Employing 500 people across 5 offices, FSKS’s jurisdiction covers Creditors’ Rights; Business Law; Litigation; Real Estate; and Tax, Elder Law, and Trusts and Estates.

FSKS needed a cost-efficient, sustainable alternative to over-expanding staff as a response to the aftermath of the housing/financial crisis’ average extension of foreclosure timelines by 200-300%. Between 33-50% of their paralegal work was dominated by a manual, repetitive process, duplicating work in both the firm’s internal case management and specialized training-required web-based client tracking systems and creating a deficit of transparency in the performance of paralegals, attorneys, & external service vendors.

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