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Business applications made easy. Counterpoint’s application development accelerator for xECM and AppWorks allows you to leverage all the power of the OpenText platform via intuitive, no-code apps which are simple to build and deploy.

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Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop interface allows you to design intuitive forms and powerful workflows with ease
  • Seamless integration with xECM, AppWorks, and OTDS enables you to access and manage content across the enterprise
  • Library of templates and components that you can customize and reuse for different applications
  • Public-private portal manages internal - external user interactions
  • Simplified task assignment and routing

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Enhancing Business Processes with ReadyApps

ReadyApps revolutionizes application development within the OpenText ecosystem, empowering users to build intuitive, no-code applications swiftly and efficiently. This case study delves into how ReadyApps accelerates the creation of business applications by utilizing drag-and-drop interfaces and a rich library of templates. It highlights significant improvements in productivity, user satisfaction, and compliance across organizations, showcasing real-world successes of simplifying complex business processes.

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