Intelligent Low-code Business Automation.



Counterpoint partners with Flowable to provide our customers with best in class open source and open standards based process automation solutions. Flowable’s low-code platform allows us to deliver cost effective applications without sacrificing features or risking vendor lock in. In addition, Flowable Work combines the power of CMMN, BPMN, and DMN to allow us to automate any business process, from simple tasks to complex enterprise applications.



Application Development

Counterpoint has delivered Flowable enterprise automation solutions for customers across North America since 2020. Our team of expert architects, engineers, and consultants have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your automation initiatives on time and within budget.

Our team of trained architects, developers, and consultants has delivered applications using the entire Flowable stack including:

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Platform Migration

Flowable is the ideal platform for customers looking to move their applications off legacy BPM technologies. Counterpoint provides migration services to enable our customers to move from expensive commercial platforms such as Appian and Pegasystems as well as legacy open source tools such as Activiti / Alfresco.


Flowable Engage

Flowable facilitates conversations across a wide variety of channels. Choose the right one for your customer and maintain a consolidated 360° view of all chats across every channel.


Flowable Orchestrate

Flowable Orchestrate combines the power of CMMN, BPMN, and DMN to enable your teams to create efficient workflows that automate complex tasks and model business processes and customer journeys to drive operational excellence. Its open-source technology prevents vendor lock-in and brings with it wide code validation from a skilled and experienced community.


Flowable Work

Manage complex business workflows with ease and bring your customers and employees together using a single platform that brings process and case models to life. Customize application UIs, initiate processes or cases, track progress, manage tasks, and exchange and control the flow of information between systems and people, safe in the knowledge that everything you do is completely secure and compliant.


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Image Processing Automation Solution


Ripcord, an image processing automation software company, creates machine learning models and systems to assist in their clients' automated processing of high volumes of images. Due to these high volumes and general reliability of the machine learning modules, human intervention is only required on a small subset of the scanned images. To avoid manual intervention for the majority of these images, a system that can automate the correspondence between machine learning services and image processing services is highly desirable.

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