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Our Products


Automate and Harmonize AppWorks Development

ALTO is a flexible development framework that enables you to rapidly build responsive, pixel- perfect web applications using a curated set of open source technologies while leveraging the power of the AppWorks platform.


Key Features

ALTO is the leading UI framework for AppWorks. It enables your development team to build user interfaces that meet your specific requirements, while automating most of the actual code creation. Applications built using ALTO are also responsive by default, eliminating the need to develop native mobile apps, and ensuring that your users can complete their work either at their desk or on any modern mobile device.

ALTO Capabilities Include
  • Soap <_> JS Tooling
  • AppWorks Monitoring Tools
  • Pre-Built Services to Connect with App Works
  • Pre-Built UI Components
  • and much more.


Pixel-perfect UIs
Automated Code Generation
Increased developer productivity
Solution building blocks

Alto Will Transform Your Business


development hours saved

Our development framework not only allows our team to work faster, but can be implemented by a client's internal team to speed up their development process too.


man hours saved annually

Our software solutions helped one of our clients save 10,000 hours that would have otherwise been spent by their team.



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