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ReadyDocs is the practical solution for managing electronic records. It streamlines the process of monitoring, ingesting, organizing, classifying, and managing documents through intelligent automation tailored for OpenText xECM.


  • Document Management Simplified: ReadyDocs addresses the complexity of document sprawl.
  • Automated Organization: Documents from various sources are automatically structured for easy access.
  • Accurate Classification: Documents are indexed with precision, ensuring efficient retrieval.
  • Robust Security: Protects against unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Fast Retrieval: Enables quick search and access to documents with advanced filtering.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Streamlines document sharing and teamwork.
  • Actionable Insights: Provides detailed reports for better management of records.
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Key Features

  • Scan and import documents to xECM from various sources, such as email, web, Sharepoint, cloud, or mobile devices.
  • Classify and index documents based on their content, metadata, business rules, or any criteria.
  • Apply retention schedules and disposition actions to documents according to your policies and regulations
  • Secure and protect your documents from unauthorized access, modification, or deletion
  • Search and retrieve documents quickly and easily using advanced filters and full-text search
  • Share and collaborate on documents with your colleagues, partners, and customers
  • Generate reports and audits on your records management activities and performance

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Streamlining Document Management with ReadyDocs

Navigating the challenges of electronic records management, organizations face compliance, security, and efficiency issues. ReadyDocs, an intelligent automation solution for OpenText xECM, transforms document management by automating the organization, classification, and management of documents across systems. This case study highlights how ReadyDocs simplifies compliance, enhances security, and saves time and resources, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core objectives. Discover the benefits through real-world applications and outcomes experienced by ReadyDocs users.

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